FLOWpressoTM enables the body to reset. It works to restore balance and regain a normal state of well-being.

FLOWpressoTM has been seen to:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Promote relaxation
  • Improve energy
  • Support stress management
  • Improve recovery in health and sport
  • Improve endurance in sport
  • Promote sleep management
  • Promote weight loss
  • Improve general mobility
  • Encourage regulation and balance to enhance the natural healing state of the body

FLOWpressoTM is a breakthrough non-invasive natural therapy that delivers a 3-in-1 sensory treatment to enhance physical and mental wellbeing and restore balance.

FLOWpressoTM is a unique therapy that encourages the body to release toxins and promote the body’s self healing mechanisms so it can restore balance and cultivate health.

How it works


FLOWpressoTM delivers cyclic compression to different areas of the body. Each chamber inflates sequentially, before its predecessor completely deflates. Compression allows the body to change the way it moves, to let go and encourage the body to release toxins.

Far Infrared Heat

FLOWpressoTM applies far infrared heat to each of the four sections of the garment to encourage a relaxing, sleep-promoting effect along with encouraging an improved state of health. The far infrared heat embraces the body with a gentle, healing warmth. Allowing the body to rest, and relax, in such a way that helps restore balance.

Deep Pressure Therapy

FLOWpressoTM applies deep pressure to the body – similar to a hug – through each individual chamber, serving a profoundly relaxing effect, allowing the body to calm and release the daily stress of life.


FLOWpressoTM is designed for optimal treatment and easy operation.

  • 22 individual air compression chambers
  • Each chamber inflates sequentially, to ensure a selective progressive pressure
  • Pressure regulation can be applied to each chamber
  • Back piece with air compression to relax shoulders
  • Pieces cover the abdomen, leg, feet and arms
  • Ability to design and deliver a specific/individual experience for each person
  • A proprietary non vibrational technology (similar to PEMF) to improve energy flow to the head and neck
  • Far infrared heat can be applied to the four sections
  • Two separate modes programmed for different cycles