G6PD Deficiency Blood Test

A blood test for G6PD deficiency allows you to rule out a defect in this important enzyme and for you to safely undergo high dose vitamin C treatment.

Glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogenase or G6PD is an enzyme normally present in humans that protects them from oxidation/inflammation.  However there exists a rare form of genetic modification that decreases a person’s levels of G6PD, which is referred to as G6PD deficiency.

Individuals with G6PD deficiency are unable to tolerate high levels of supplementation with vitamin C. Administering high doses of vitamin C causes a break down of their red blood cells and could result in a medical emergency.  One sign you may have G6PD deficiency is if you have difficulty tolerating beans and legumes, such as fava beans, kidney beans and lima beans.  While the risk of G6PD deficiency is low, the incidence is increased in males and those of Mediterranean, African America, Asian or Hispanic decent.  Talk to your Naturopathic Doctor about screening for G6PD deficiency if you plan to start high dose vitamin C therapy.