My Heavy Metal Toxicity Story


My Heavy Metal Toxicity Story

Within my practice I frequently suspect heavy metals as a problem and run heavy metal tests on my patients.  I am always astonished to see the high levels of heavy metals in patients and it usually helps to explain why their bodies just are not functioning optimally.

Since I am seeing such high levels in so many patients, I began to wonder about my own heavy metal levels.

Was it possible that I was also walking around with a high level of metals in my body.  So I ran the heavy metal test on myself.

When I did the test, I felt a little “off”, a bit lightheaded and off balanced.  Maybe I was pulling out metals, but how much…

My Heavy Metal Toxicity StoryAnd lo and behold, I have very high levels of heavy metals in my body, especially mercury.  I have NEVER had a mercury filling (the most common source of mercury toxicity), but my parents both had their mouth’s filled with metal.  So it is definitely possible that I got some in-utero.  I was also fully vaccinated and there’s mercury in those vaccines.  I eat lots of fish and sushi, another possible source.

I’m not completely sure where the high amounts of Thallium came from but I know all metals accumulate over a lifetime, so it’s not terribly surprising.

When I look at videos such as this one from the University of Calgary on mercury toxicity (, I really want to get rid of these metals are quickly as possible.

I am grateful I found out now because this means I can do something about it.  I have now put myself on a chelation program.  Thus continues my healing journey.