FOUR Foundations of Health


This is what we need to be all doing on a consistent basis to build the foundation of our health.
1. Healthy eating – The foods that we eat are the building blocks of our body. We need to be taking in really good building blocks to build a healthy body. We need proper building blocks to establish good health in our bodies.
2. Drinking water – Our water is our fuel. We need to be drinking filtered water and take the chlorine out of the water. Our bodies are 70% water, therefore we want to be replenishing our water stores.
3. Enough quality sleep – Sleep is like recharging the battery. During our sleeping hours our body is doing a lot of detoxification, rejuvenation and healing. So it’s really important that we get into our deep REM sleep. Getting quality sleep every night is important to keep us healthy and strong.
4. Exercise or movement – Our bodies are designed to move. We weren’t designed to live this sedentary lifestyle whereby we sit at a desk all day and our mode of transportation are vehicles. We need to make sure that we schedule exercise into our daily routine and make it part of our lifestyle.