DETOX DAY 1 – Mustering up the motivation to just get started

I theoretically understand all the benefits of doing cleanses, I’ve done many in the past.  I know it’s a good time of year to do one, but just didn’t seem to be getting around to it.

When my office manager said she was starting the Neera cleanse this week and that I should do it too, I think that was that extra motivation I needed to just get started and do it.  I thought of all the excuses why right now was not a good time.  One of those excuses is that I have a dinner to go to on Sunday night.  What I’ve decided is that I will start the cleanse and just take a break from it that one evening and then go back to it afterwards.  Hence, that excuse couldn’t stop me.

Yesterday when I was at the grocery store I bought 20 organic lemons, I went home and made my Neera cleanse drink and was all ready to start this morning.

So today is day 1… far, so good.  I understand that it is just the beginning.

Thank you Kaitlin for giving me that extra nudge I needed to get started!!!